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A Bit of Solace: Three Poems (Mohd. Rashid and Ibrahim Quadri)

| Mohd. Rashid

Tried to talk me
when heard about me
She, the friendship- loving girl!
Innocent I was! when she
Gave me a lollipop of SMS
Being in greed I welcome it.
An SMS from a strange number!
Desirous was I of knowing, then,
Where was from appeared when.
I continued trying, many times
Semester to semester
month to month….
Even New Year had passed.
But; unable to be replied.
No more query, /no more persuasion,
Nor I found the reason behind.
A cruel nature girl, I think for her
Who disappeared from life
Making me a poet or a writer.

| Ibrahim Quadri

The beautiful morning
And the floral awakening
To inspire my goal
It is the M.M. Hall

The birds are fluttering
Peafowls are screaming
They refresh my soul
It is the M.M. Hall

Mosque, the pure and hallowed
For me, the divine abode
Where lives Sir Syed’s soul
It is the M.M. Hall

Any weather, no matter!
Be it spring, summer or winter
Always rejoicing for all
It is the M.M. Hall

| Mohd. Rashid

  • The time spent in worship or in acquiring knowledge is the best time.
  • Be calculative, always assess what you got from each “single moment” of time; this helps you to manage your time efficiently".
  • Do not care the criticism of the common people in matters you are confident to be right.
  • The person who does not use his knowledge is very akin to the person who has no knowledge.
  • Interest can be observed by keeping yourself in environment of which is to be acquired.
  • Grasp and analyse your past, positively manipulate your present, your future will automatically be bright.
  • I love knowledge and worship and I respect the provider of both.
  • I know nothing but strongly what I know.
  • Interest is the first step of success.
  • How long something will remain in your memory depends on how emotionally you take it. 

*Mohd. Rashid and Ibrahim Quadri are pursuing Communicative English Honours. They are resident members of M.M. Hall. Download PDF of this article
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