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A Writer's Pen (Sana Ansari)

‘Right toFreedom of Expression’, how frequently had we come across this Fundamental Right in the past few years. What does a writer’s pen say when it drops its ink on the paper, expressing the neuronic current passing through a writer’s mind. Have we ever thought how strong or explicit a writer could be?

Over a conversation with a Guest Faculty in the Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), I concluded that though a writer is the one who perfectly uses his Right to Freedom of Expression but the impact of his expression is decided by his readers.

A writer is motivated by a reader’s appreciation and even more motivated by his aggressive criticism. In both the cases a reader exaggerate his point of view, which gives the writer more than expected hike. This way it is the rational or irrational behaviour of the reader who excites the writer in the most of the optimistic manner. For instance, an age old book ‘The Satanic Verses’ could not have been a permanent residence in the minds of the readers until it was over-talked and condemned. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is one of those books that could have been on the same path but the artificial character knew how well to use the kind of expressive thought.

When Taslima Nasreen came up with her autobiography ‘EXILE’, it again excited the reader’s not over the fact of her interesting life but over the fact- the interesting issues governing her life. Thus a simple question! Do we hold or unhold the expression of a writer? In both the cases it is the writer who is benefitted and the reader is trapped the writer’s pen and his ‘Right to Freedom of Expression’.

*Sana Ansari obtained her Masters in Tourism Administration from Department of Commerce, AMU, Aligarh. She also served as the Chief Editor for the Indira Gandhi Hall.
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