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Miles to go before I sleep (Faizur Rehman Khan Suri)

Like what could be more beneficial than learning something out of small experiences. Watching children play, a very delightful experience indeed, gave a lesson which may not be termed as a delightful; rather a much serious experience. Recently I saw a game, when my eyes caught hold at a group of children playing football, it was fun with an emotional aspect. All beautiful stars were shining and blazing with the sweet smiles on their cute faces. These children were playing on a street nearby my residence. The enjoyment of game disappeared from my mind when I saw that a few children did not have any shoes. They were playing equally nice, competing with other child who was with proper shoes. The other boy was just enjoying the game equally but without any hard effort. Where was the difference, the children without shoes enjoying the game with bare feet not aware of the fact that the same pleasure they were enjoying at that very instant may not remain for a long time. They did not care about their feet. Playing in the excitement they did not care to see their hurt feet.

Why is it that the children of same age of same interest do not have equal opportunities and facilities? Nothing can be predicted about the fate of any child. Nothing can be foretold, it cannot be said what time has for them in its generous lap, but this is a thing quiet appropriate to be thought of, that one child being cared and pampered, brought up well by his parents and the other children - not loved, uncared, deprived of even the basic necessities but brought up in the lap of mother nature will may have equal wealth and status. This condition truly represents the present scenario of our country where most of its population struggle for the basic necessities and only a few may afford them. The talent which is born in our country is not always utilised. Many children with immense talent find it hard to survive by the time they enter adulthood, they are overburdened with responsibilities. Their dreams are often crushed by the harsh realities of life. When life shows its darker side to them, some fall into wrong hands and becomes misguided, therefore indulging in crime and anti-social activities. In spite of all the negativities and hardships there are a few among them who have the courage to overcome hardships and show the world what they have as gift from God, a talent which no one can take from them, the skills which are unparalleled, these children contribute to the establishment of a better world to live in. Our country has a large number of such people who won over hardships and emerged victorious. Former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is one such example, as a child he did not enjoy luxuries of life and was not surrounded by opportunities, all he had was love and support from his loving parents, yet he defeated a whole ocean of difficulties and emerge victorious over the negativities. He is of the men who leave their mark on the hearts of people, the ones who make their presence felt by their contributions. Not all people have opportunities, one have to create them for himself.

Everyone has a niche in his society. All works of a person are his own, “You Are Born Alone; Complete Your Tasks As Such”, no one can help you achieve what is in your destiny, you have to achieve it yourself. Life is not same for everybody and each person faces his own problems, every person is blessed with an innate potential and power to solve his own problem which he faces throughout life, we should not be afraid of problems and difficulties, we should consider them as an examination to test our worth.

When we work hard, a multitude of our hidden abilities comes to surface and we develop into a more matured being with better understanding of life. We should challenge life and the more we challenge life the closer we come to it, and more life reveals to us. If we solve bigger problems the level of contentment is bigger and our soul is really satiated with the feeling of achievement and we gain a better self-confidence. Only few people understand the exact reason of their existence. Everyone is a gem; the point is that world sees the glitter of the one who undergoes all the rough treatment bears the harshness and is truly carved out after being treated and rubbed with the sharp difficulties life has to offer. World knows the value of only one gem, the polished one. One should shoulder responsibilities at his own because ‘everyone has miles to go before he sleeps’ !!!

Author is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University. He is now pursuing higher studies at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi.
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