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Editorial | Patience, Prudence, Perseverance

Aligarh Muslim University was founded for all round consolidation of Indian Muslims. Sir Syed wanted youth of his community to be at the zenith of success and perfection following Islamic ethics concomitantly with the Modern Science. Idea of an educational institution came in Sir Syed’s mind in the wake of 1857 revolt which was characterized by volatile environment that was hostile to the Muslims. In current volatile scenario too, one thing that should be followed by our youth is to tread the path of patience. Youth should be constructive in the society. 

Patience, as guaranteed by the holy Quran, ensure the company of God which no other act can guarantee us. Sir Syed followed the path of patience and discerned the malady of Muslims in India by deep perusal of social dynamics; ultimately, the solution came in the form of AMU. Moreover, Islamic ethics call for peace, tolerance and amity among all human beings and youth should act as “ambassador of peace” as Holy Prophet (PBUH) has commanded us to do so: “Plant a seedling in the soil even if you know the next day is the dooms day”. 

Patience is most important when socio-political equations have been tampered by some of political leaders adopting divisive tactics to fulfill their vested political interests. Youth can understand their lethal agendas only if young generation is pacified, calm and possess patience and develop their intellect to highest level by modern education, reason, deliberation and dialogue. Extreme modus operandi to handle our daily business should be done away with. This can be made possible only if we whole-heartedly devote ourselves to seeking knowledge and render our services to common good irrespective of religion, caste or clan. We should give our services to all creatures of God in non-partisan way as our Prophet wanted us to do so. 

Mohammadan tradition that started with the word “read (Iqra)”, has most of illiterate people in contemporary India!!! Is this not an unfortunate experience? Various positions like IAS, IPS, IFS, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, CEOs, and Managers are waiting for you; need is to broaden your vision, enrich your acumen and sail through the ocean of
wisdom and prudence. Remember, you are born to rule and not to be ruled. What a pity ! About fifteen thousand students present on the campus are unable to give even a “single” IAS officer from the campus !! This trend is continued for last five years. What are we doing ? 

I am sure that you can never get these facilities anywhere in India that AMU administration provides you. Administration can give you infrastructure, arrange books and study material for you but it is only you who can draft and architect your dreams with highest magnitude. Patience propels you towards wisdom as it makes you calm and prepares your mind to accept and imbibe more and more good things. Your mind becomes creative as it has not been pre-occupied by anger, wrath and volatile feelings. Once you stand earnestly at the receiving end, you are being prepared to give your community, your nation and your earth peace, prosperity and progress. 

So, to make Sir Syed’s dream a great reality, keep calm, be pacified, enhance your intellect and reach the zenith of perfection. 

Muhammad Naved Ashrafi 
Editor & Designer 
Al-Mohsin, The Global Edition
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