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Hostel Legacy: Md. Amin (Ruhul Amin)

Enough information and resources are not available about Mr. Muhammad Amin after whom a senior hostel has been named in Mohsin-ul-Mulk Hall. Mr. Amin was born in Kanpur. He received his early education in Kanpur. His father used to do trade in Golden Fibres i.e. Jute which he adopted from his father as a source of livelihood and breadwinning.

Through scarce resources it could be found that Mr. Amin is remembered for his contribution in setting up of a hospital (now J.N. Medical College) in Aligarh Muslim University. During World War-II, various equipment and machinery was used in rehabilitation works. After the second World War was over, these equipment did not remain in use. So these were distributed in various countries including India. In those days, setting up of a medical college was on top priority of university administration. If those machinery could be arranged for medical college, that would be positive sign for a dream of medical college to become true. Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad, one of the most productive Vice-Chancellors of Aligarh Muslim University, took the cognizance of the situation and paved way for the same.

Machinery was scattered in whole India so it became quite difficult to drift all that in Aligarh. Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad contacted Muhammad Amin to overcome all constraints. Dr. Ziauddin was well aware of Amin’s services to the community and was very much confident of his caliber and ability to finish this monster task. Muhammad Amin eagerly and earnestly shouldered the responsibility given by Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad.

In this way, a glorious contribution was indelibly put on the pages of history of Aligarh Movement by Mr. Muhammad Amin.

*Ruhul Amin is a student of M.Sc. Botany at Department of Botany, AMU.
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