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Rediscovery of GOD with the help of Quantum Physics (Wasikul Islam)

Man, the best creature who has brain, has power to investigate, to observe, to understand. Men, who were once the residents of jungles, who once didn’t know to wear clothes, who did not have the minimum power to resist against the animals, , they have conquered the space today. They have really proved themselves superior. They not only have hoisted the flag of humanity on the surface of the moon, they have converted the whole cosmos into a small site of research. Not only they have explored the galaxies of the vast universe, they have been able to reach upto the smallest scale to understand the smallest phenomena.

But with the innovations in Science and Technology (S&T), when life became too simple and full of luxuries and joy, the cloud of feelings of unnessecity of spirituality also came. Scientific logics taught men to believe only after observing clear proofs. Men, therefore, started to ask questions about the nature, and discoverd its laws. But when asked questions about the religions, beliefs and its sayings, they could not find clear proof of everything in their hands. So, once many of them discarded “beliefs” stating them “old modelled stories” and tried to be lebelled as the people of “modern scientific view”.

But the Creator may have planned something different. Suddenly by the hands of the greatest physicists, a new theory of physics was born. Physicists named it “Quantum Mechanics”, a theory to explain the phenomena of the universe at a very small scale. From its very birth it puzzled the greatest scientists. Physicst Niels Bohr said : ‘If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you have not understood it yet.” Another legend Richard Feynman remarked: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics”!

So, proving its fathers right, quantum mechanics have repeatedly announced the unexpected facts of reality from its very birth. Men have been shocked,but they can’t deny any more, as it is purely based on the experimentally proved greatest scientific understandings. Quantum mechanics gave us novel aspects of reality-the quantum signatures to understand, explain and to appreciate.

Firstly it has proved the interconnectedness of the whole universe. It has shown that all the “electrons” in the whole universe are exactly the same, just like they are the wave of an invisible ocean. So, each phenomena in any region of the universe is directly related to its every other corner!

It has shown, throughout the whole universe that there is only the flow of “Energy”. Though no one in the world knows exactly what energy is, but every thing of our known universe is only made of energy! Quantum mechanics has shown the world, all the matters are only the possibilities to choose forms. ‘Particular choosing’ transforms quantum possibilities into actual events experienced by us. But who chooses the forms of matters to run a so systematic universe ? There comes the concept of Quantum Consciousness. The Creator can be lebelled as the “Quantum Consciousness” or by any other name. But there is nothing to worry, because a rose by any other name, always retains its fragrance.

So, when quantum mechanics was busy in proving every matter is just the one of the quantum possibilities, at the same time famous physicist Albert Einstein by his famous equation E= mc2 proved that all the matters are created from energy. So if men really follow these great understanding of physics and only think about the Energy side (or the spiritual side) of this materialistic world, many problems of society can be easily resolved!

Quantum mechanics have not only shocked the world declaring that in this universe of ours, though there is lots of activities are going on, the total energy of the whole universe is zero!!!( So,question can arise that : Is our known universe only an illusion, a decorated game by a player named the Creator ? ) It also proved that any vacuum is not purely vacuum, there also energy plays its role. Even energy flows with certain speed,but does not always require medium. Perhaps Albert Einstein was right in saying that : “The more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks”!

We know for any communication, we need signal. And the signal takes some time to communicate. But advent of Quantum mechanics have experimentally proved “Quantum non-locality” or signalless communication, when in 1982, Alain Aspect and his collaborators verified in the laboratory the existance of instant communications requiring no signal !!! The phenomena is called “Quantum Entanglement” i.e. if two particles at large distances are entangled, then any change in one of them results the same change in the other particle instantly without any signal and without requiring any time-dealy!

Werner Heisenberg,one of the founders of Quantum mechanics said : “Quantum possibilities reside is transcendent potentia, a domain outside space and time”. So quantum collapse, downward causation (the effecct of our consciousness) then must be non-local i.e. something outside space and time is affecting an event inside space-time!! This quantum mechanical observation just support the common logic that if a so vast perfectly designed universe is running without any difficuly, then there must be any tremendous power who is controlling from the backstage.

Quantum mechanics not only stops there, it proclaims: All the blueprints of matters were already present in the fabric of space-time. In other words, it supports “Cosmological Anthropic Principle” which states, ‘In the creation of universe, there was a promise that once there will be creatures like us to observe them, which meant that universe is purposive and created by a designer with the purpose of creating life’!

For instance, if the gravity were a little bit weaker, the universe would go on expanding or if the gravity were little bit stronger, the cosmological objects would collapse within itself due to gravity. Similarly, if the electrical force between electrons were even a little different, life as we know would be impossible. Infinite examples can be given in this regard. In nuclear or chemical reactions, how did the nuclei know that which pattern of dance or oscillation will suit them best to form particular atoms, molecules? They could know only if there is a designer who designs both the groups and designs all the laws of physics to such reactions happen!

Albert Einstein exclaimed “The most incomprehensible fact about our universe is that it is comprehensible”. Another physicist Freeman Dyson remarked: “The universe in some sense must have known, that we were coming”. Scientist John wheeler said: “The birth of the universe surely had a spectator”! So,we can understand how quantum mechanics have brought about a renaissance in the modern scientific thinking.

In a world where Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) has proved that immunity of a body can be tremendously increased by will power, where “Quantum healing”, taking a quantum leap to heal oneself is approved by medical researchers. The research of Montagau Ullman, Stanley Krippner & Alan Vaughan in New York (1973) have successfully proved that “telepathic dream” i.e. affecting the contents of one’s dream by other’s through the telepathic transfer of information and meaning is also possible.

So, quantum physics enables us to develop a dyanamic integration of spiritual metaphysics and the science of the material world. It retains the mystery of mysticism, but it allows reason to penetrate deep enough to understand the integrity of our levels of consciousness.

Though the quest for “Grand Unified Theory” is still going on by the physicist community to explain every phenomena by a single theory and to prove a common source for everything, some success has come and the rest is yet to come. But it can be said very frankly that, ‘A little knowledge is always dangerous’. The more advance research is going on, the more proofs are coming out in support of a designer of universe. And we have no scope to deny now, as Quantum mechanics have proved, in this scientific age “being athiest” is purely unscientific! when its deeper understandings once again makes the world come closer to the concept of ONE PRIMARY FIELD, one common sourse of everything of our known universe, one common power which is controlling every smallest event, one Unified force....whom we may call by the name God, our Creator, our sustainer.....!!!

1. Code Name God: The Spiritual Odyssey of a Man of Science by Mani Bhaumik.
2. God is not Dead: What Quantum Physics tells us About Our Origin by Amit Goswami.

*Wasikul Islam studies M.Sc. Physics in Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He can be reached at wasikul@gmail.com
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