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Responsibilities of Youth (Momin Ali)

In this modern era of social and political upheavals one of the most burning issues is the responsibilities of the youth and their role in shaping our present world. As seen from the present scenario, right from Tunisia to Egypt, and from Egypt to the other parts of the Gulf region, it is the youth who have broken the shackles of autocracy, ousted and driven away their dictators. According to a recent survey by Oxford University, current percentage of youth around the world is approximately 39% which makes it all the more important to write and spread the youth's responsibilities so that this world may become a better place to live in.

When a person is in his youth, he/she should harness all his strength and capabilities not only for the betterment of himself but for the society and the nation as whole, lest it evanesces. The youth should involve themselves extensively with the political system of the country so as to develop and make it more dynamic, responsive and successful. They should congregate together and bring forth new ideas to the table and implement it. They can even help and stop corruption and bring the culprits to the book. They should aim at eradicating poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, infant mortality and other social evils of the society by getting more involved with the downtrodden sections of the society. Rehabilitation centers can be set up and youth can volunteer to educate and empower the people.

As said by India's famous scientist Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, "Even if each one teaches one, illiteracy rate will come down by an astonishing 78%!!" Racism and asterism should be abhorred and segregation and rift among the higher classes and the lower classes should be abolished. These very things are essential keys for the success of a nation. The intrepidity of our youth is unquestionable, but what's the use if it's not utilized properly. The youth can play an important role in spreading communal harmony not only between different communities but between different nations as well. As said by Holy Prophet of Islam (Peace and Blessings Upon Him-PBUH). "The heart of a teenager is akin to a barren land in which if any type of seed is sown, it accepts it", so youth should also beware of malicious lies and plots of the enemies who want to disrupt peace and harmony between different communities.

As stated by the Holy Quran, “Allah doesn't change the state of affairs of a society until the people try to change it themselves”. It is the juncture where the crucial role of the youth comes in. Youth can play an important role in uprooting the trees of hatred and discord and ease tensions between societies and nations. They can also help in establishing peace and amity between different countries and reduce the degree of polarity as well. The responsibilities on the shoulders of the youth are just like an ocean and this was just an epitome of it. In the end, the hope of a nation, their success and development depends on how much zeal and enthusiasm the youth, shows in carrying out then socio-political responsibilities.

*Momin Ali is pursuing Communicative English Honours. He is a resident member of Mohsinul Mulk Hall
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